Dria and Tracy  first met in 2013 as colleagues in New Orleans, working together for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  They became quick friends and roommates, eating their way through New Orleans and advancing their careers in public health together. Since then, they have both moved to different cities across the US and worked in a diversity of roles in healthcare. 

Taking their experience combined, they have served in various capacities throughout local government, federal health agencies, non-profits, hospitals, universities and contracting agencies. Their collective professional network spans Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco and Washington DC. They also have global health experience serving as part of the Ebola outbreak response in West Africa. They have a love and passion for health, both holding a Master of Public Health (MPH).   Dria is also a Registered Nurse (RN) and specializes in emergency medicine.

Dria and Tracy are good at getting jobs! They have extensive experience throughout the health sector and have learned a lot along the way. And they want to empower you to get your desired job- whether it’s furthering your career or landing your first job out of school. 

Take a look through our services offered and see what’s right for you! 

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